RGB Value
Hue: 0

Saturation*: 0

Lightness: 0

— 2012/06/28

Okay, so I'm a lazy designer/programmer and there are times that I want to make a quick change to a generic template so that it better matches a particular user's site. So what I would typically do is grab a screenshot of a template, and mess with the sliders in Photoshop's Image→Adjustments→Hue/Saturation until it turns into something I like and use the eyedropper to get before and after RGB values. Is this a good, effective or efficient work process? Probably not, and there are probably hundreds of ways to do this better.

So one day, I ran into this mobile stylesheet with a metric plethoraton of RGB values and my regular process wasn't going to work here. After some thinking I figured I could quickly kludge together a program where I could set sliders then paste values into the first box and get the resultant values in the second box. Unfortunately "guessing the math behind how xx works" seems to give halfway decent results for the Hue and Lightness sliders but the Saturation slider isn't close. If someone mathy-person knows and can share the formula behind adobe-hue/sat coke, please drop me a line via email. You can do this by removing the www and the dot com from my domain name and add a @gmail.com to the end of that seven letter word.

Finally, making this site gave me a reason to mess around with those fancy shmancy html5 range inputs! Yeah, the compatibility angel on my shoulder is telling me to just use jquery to make it compatible but the lazy devil on my other shoulder is saying, "yeah, I know it would just take a few minutes, but maybe later.." As of the time of post, if you're not using Chrome / Safari / Opera, the top of the page is going to look quite unintuitive. Thinking philosophically about it, all computers could probably benefit from having a second browser.. Open Standards and being able to choose different browsers makes developing useful things on the web so much easier. Have you developed through the last browser war? Down with monopolies! How is it me being lazy when the user chooses not to make the world a better place by.. ahem, where did that soap box come from?

— 2012/07/07

Okay, here's a cross-browser version of Hue/Saturation but kindly note the url before you decide to bookmark it.. The stored bits with mildly hurtful words may hurt your browser's feelings. In extreme cases, it may cause your browser to well up with sadness. Perhaps this moment in your browser's life will have a great impact and cause it to over-achieve when it grows a version older and range inputs will no longer be something it has to be ashamed of.