— 2013.02.09
So I have one of those reflective screens on my work laptop. A couple days ago when I was clicking something, a black window popped up and I unintentionally got a screen full of my own reflection. It shocked me a bit, and then I thought if I was actually in need of a mirror, an empty black background webpage would be a quick and easy way to show this.

I then thought, if I was in public, would I want to vainly check myself out on a black computer screen? Maybe I can put a fake loader on the screen so I can discreetly take a quick look while it looks like my computer is trying to load something. After I get that spinach out of my teeth, I can then click one of those links at the top and go check out facebook, google, twitter, or youtube.

Like most of the pages I have on this site, I just made this for myself and if someone else can use it, great. I would probably recommend bookmarking it to get easy 1-click access to the site.