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A good place to find your way on the web is to visit to one of the listed Search Engines. I prefer using the search engine Google, but it is up to the Web Surfer to choose a Search Engine that they want to use.

When you reach the Search Engine, first think of a topic that you want to search for. You must enter Keywords for the search engine to look for into the long text bar where you are able to type. Pick keywords the same way you would find a book in the library.

For Example:
If you are interested in the wonderful world of Office Furniture then you should pick keywords such as "Office" and "Furniture". The more keywords you choose, the more refined the search will be. The less keywords, the broader the search. Using only the keyword "Office" will not only get you Office Furniture, but Office Supplies, Office Life, and many other "Office" related topics. Using Keywords "Office" "Furniture" and "Chair" would get you down into your favorite piece of office furniture. The chair..

Realistically however, you wouldn't find that many hits on Office Furniture because of the lack of interest in that topic. The more people interested in a topic, the more pages there will be about that topic. Another thing about search engines is the fact that you will get many good hits, but often times, many good misses also. Some person that knows nothing about the topic you're looking for may make a page about it and in turn you get a really bad page. You will have to be patient to find things on the web at times. If the site you visit isn't what you're looking for, go back to the search engine and try a different link.

One of the other things that you should watch out for is passing your credit card numbers and other information throughout the web. Be very careful with who you do business with. Some things to look for is Certification of webpages and also Secure Web Transfer indicated by the webpage having the address prefix https://. I personally have bought quite a few things on the web, I made sure that those sites were certified, and people I know have done business with them before, or a large well known company. Nothing is 100% safe however, so be very careful when you are on the web. A good hint is to not have the company save your credit card number for future purposes if it is possible (read the documentation on the vendor's website). Good luck and Have fun!

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