>>MooSFV - MD5M3U (03/31/03)

MD5M3U is a concept I thought up a while back, where you put the verification of mp3 files into an enhanced version of .m3u playlist killing two birds (files) with one stone. Feel free to use this file format in your own programs. The md5m3u file layout is as follows.

  • The character # as the first character denotes a comment or a md5m3u checksum
    • The line is a checksum if # is followed by 32 hexadecimal characters [0-9][a-f][A-F] and then a carriage return
    • All other lines with # as the first character are comments until a carriage return
  • The line following the checksum line is the name of the file for which the checksum is for
  • MD5M3U checksums are always created and verified in binary mode
  • The md5 sums are computed as described in RFC 1321

MD5M3U File Example: 00-Chris_Murray_-_Raw.m3u

#MD5M3U MooSFV v1.8
#   Sample Comments La La La

01 - Home.mp3
02 - Make The Best.mp3
03 - Switchblade to Soul.mp3
04 - I'm Ready for Love.mp3
05 - We Do the Ska.mp3
06 - Rastaman.mp3
07 - The Promise.mp3
08 - The Higher the Monkey Climb.mp3
09 - If You Wanna Do It.mp3
10 - Since I've Had You.mp3
11 - Doin' Time.mp3
12 - Moment.mp3
13 -The Penny Song.mp3
14 - Rock Steady.mp3