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— 2015/06/03

Like most other things I put on this site, I couldn't find a simple+fast web random password generator that I liked so I made my own using Javascript.

If you want to keep your custom settings, first click here.

— 2016/11/30

Made small adjustment to make sure there is at least one lower case and one upper case character in pass when 'Capital Letters' selected. Also added table below for easy reading over phone.

A AlphaE EchoI IndiaM MikeQ QuebecU UniformY Yankee
B BravoF FoxtrotJ JulietN NovemberR RomeoV VictorZ Zulu
C CharlieG GolfK KiloO OscarS SierraW Whiskey 
D DeltaH HotelL LimaP PapaT TangoX Xray